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To Deliver HIV/AIDS education and support in a linguistically and culturally appropriate context to African people

Strategic Vision

To create a stable organization and community response to the impact of HIV/AIDS through capacity development, partnership, growth and community development and involvement

  • Respect for diverse cultural traditions and service needs
  • We view HIV/AIDS as more than a medical condition and acknowledge and respond to its social and economic impacts.
  • We believe in GIPA principle – greater Involvement of People living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in the response to HIV/AIDS
  • Treat HIV positive people with dignity and respect
  • Commitment to affect and effect change within the African community
  • Shared responsibilities and team spirit
  • We value on client centered services where confidential, responsive, caring, respectful and non-judgmental services are delivered
  • Promoting an active role of clients and communities in planning and implementing their services
  • We value informed choices on our care and prevention efforts
  • Programs are inclusive of the African Diaspora and its diversity
  • Accountability, responsibility, and obligation to the people we serve
  • Respects the rights of all people of different sexual orientation