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Anonymous HIV Test

Anonymous HIV tests only use numbers to keep track of which blood sample belongs to which test results. Clients who have blood samples taken are not required to provide identification revealing who they are.
Clients receive a slip of paper with a number on it when they have a blood sample taken. Clients return to the clinic 2 - 3 weeks later with the slip of paper that is required to get their results back. The numbers on the slip of paper are not linked to any names or information that can identify a specific person

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Nominal Testing

Nominal tests require that the name and address of the person being tested, as well as that of their physician, must appear on the test requisition form. The names of individuals who test positive are reported to a medical officer with the Department of Public Health who then carries out the process of contact tracing and partner notification.
Please contact APAA, for more information.

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Non-Nominal Testing

Non-nominal tests are identified by a number or code, which is assigned to the blood sample, rather than a name. This code can be used to link the person being tested to their test results, if required.

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