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The Prevention at APAA deliver vital services that focus on increasing awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS issues. Issues such as HIV prevention, transmission, testing, treatment, care, myths, misconceptions, stigma, discrimination, assessing self for HIV infection and the impacts of HIV/AIDS in the African communities. 

The programs deliver HIV/AIDS education for our priority population, African women, men, youth and service providers working with our population. Education is conducted through various activities: workshops, group discussions, one-on-one sessions, HIV/AIDS resource distribution, outreach, phone counseling, volunteer training, presentations at various events (community events, conference, forums), and networking/collaboration with other organizations.

HIV/AIDS Educational Activities: HIV/AIDS education is very essential to facilitate the prevention of HIV transmission and improve the quality of Africans living with HIV.  Education is conducted on a continuous basis and in a culturally sensitive and competent ways.

Workshops / Group Discussions:  APAA conducts workshops and group discussions on HIV/AIDS related issues to Toronto's African communities. APAA prepares and supplies posters, pamphlets and condom wallets (portable kits containing free condoms and information related to HIV/AIDS prevention and transmission) when giving workshops. APAA also collects and lends audio-visual media on HIV/AIDS related topics.

 One-on-one Sessions: One-on-one sessions are an effective way of providing HIV/AIDS information. Sessions encourage discussions in a culturally competent and sensitive environment where individuals can ask questions freely.  This method is particularly useful in having discussions with youth who might not attend organized sessions or lack access to information.

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APAA offers confidential counseling to men, women including youth living with or affected by HIV/AIDS on HIV/AIDS and related issues such as psycho-social, treatment, nutrition, positive living, Sexual and reproductive health, crisis counseling, couple counseling, discordant counseling  group counseling, pre-and post- HIV- test counseling  in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. Some of the major African languages used include: Amharic, Arabic, Tigrinya, Swahili, French, Somalia, Jula and Dogon, Ga, Hausa, Lingala, Twi, Xhosa, Yoruba, kiruwanda, etc. For confidential phone counseling you can us at 416-924-5256 ext 303 or 304.
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APAA assists clients to get through immigration process, Housing, back to school and employment assistances in collaboration with other mainstream organizations and agencies.
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ProjectM, is an exciting new 2008 initiative undertaken by Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA).  This project functions to encourage young African Muslim women in the GTA to educate themselves on issues of HIV/AIDS and healthy sexuality through workshop involvement.  The goal is to self-empower, protect and cultivate awareness and compassion in young African Muslim women in light of this local, global and at times very personal epidemic.  Never before attempted, ProjectM, works in a two tier fashion:  first it functions to infiltrate and dismantle structural barriers in the community for acknowledgement of the issue of HIV/AIDS.  This tier includes but is not limited to engagement with elders, Imams, community organizers, teachers, schools and madresas.  The second tier involves working with interested persons in disseminating knowledge on HIV/AIDS, healthy sexuality and “keepin it safe” relationship strategies to youth.  Direct youth engagement, for purposes of confidentiality, is also encouraged.  All actions are done in a socio-cultural-religious sensitive manner.  Confidentiality is assured.  For more information, to get involved, to provide input or to host a ProjectM workshop in your area, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Ma’salaam!

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Community Outreach: Outreach is conducted on a weekly basis and reaches Africans where they congregate: community organization, refugee shelters, settlement houses, community health centers, settlement services, African barbershops, hair salons, restaurants and bars.

Further APAA participates in major events such as Afro fest, Caribana, the AIDS Walk, World AIDS Day, and Black History Month.

Media Outreach: We host a radio program called MISSION POSSIBLE at CHRY 105.5FM and we co-host another program TWO SOULS CONNECT at NATRODIO.COM. We also participate in different media- related forums on HIV/AIDS prevention and the promotion of Sexual Health.

Gay Men’s Outreach Program: APAA believes that all gay men are equally entitled to have all their health promotion needs met.  Some of the services offered include: community outreach in gay bars, clubs and parties, bathhouses, online and in other spaces where African gay, bisexual and straight-identified men who have sex with other men congregate.




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